Investment Criteria

ClearLight Capital Group is actively seeking opportunities to provide Private Equity and financing for the acquisition, development and management of well-located Investment Real Estate.

In contrast to many institutional real estate investment funds that rely on macro-economic trends and financial engineering to generate returns, our strategy is based on fundamental real estate investing to generate returns. Institutional funds typically allocate capital through real estate operators that acquire property portfolios in bulk and rely on outside vendors to manage, renovate, maintain, and eventually liquidate the assets nationwide.

We differentiate our investment selection criteria by focusing on:

  • Funding only highly desirable, below market value property acquisitions in specifically targeted Market Areas. (hyperlink to Market Areas)
  • Partnering with only highly experienced developers, builders, contractors and investors in each targeted market
  • Creating maximum upside value through controlling the design, architecture and finish quality of the property improvements, ensuring immediate sale upon completion of the property renovation to monetize the increased value.

Here is a partial list of opportunities ClearLight Capital Group is seeking to fund:

  • Well located existing properties in the $1M to $20M value range (other amounts as required)
  • Value Added Fix and Flip Projects
  • Non-Owner Occupied Residential One to Four Units
  • Multi-Family Properties
  • Select Commercial Properties
  • Development Projects
  • Properties in need of repositioning or redevelopment
  • Distressed sale opportunities
  • Poor maintenance or management
  • Foreclosure Acquisitions
  • Non-Performing Assets